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Since 1994, Norcan has completed over 3500 Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIAs) within British Columbia. These assessments have been completed for a variety of clients throughout the Central Interior including mining; highways; railways; forestry projects; pipelines; parks; private lands; engineering and local and provincial government requests.


Overviews consist of a comprehensive archival and database review of a region to determine the risk of impacting archaeological sites. Norcan’s 25 years of on the ground knowledge of northern and central BC and our unparalleled trail data combines with information obtained from the Archaeology Branch, orthophoto and lidar maps, and ethnographic research to provide our clients risk assessments and project recommendations to avoid impacting sites. An inclusive working relationship with our First Nation partners in BC allows us to sensitively address their concerns and provide recommendations for the management of their Traditional Use and cultural needs.

Norcan Consulting Ltd
Norcan Consulting Ltd. Office: 1877 Queensway St., Prince George, B.C.

Some of our previous projects include:

  • A Cultural Heritage overview and creation of a database for B.C. Parks
  • Archaeological Inventories of the Prince George, Nadina and Fort St. James Natural Resource Districts
  • The most comprehensive archaeological trail database for central and northern British Columbia
  • An Archaeological Inventory of the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail

RECOVERY AND ANALYSIS OF HUMAN REMAINS: The respectful recovery and examination of skeletal or decomposed remains discovered during public construction or in forensic settings, the disinterment and reinterment of remains, and assistance with the preparation of policy documents related to human remains discoveries. We are pleased to have been able to provide assistance to First Nations and Local Governments through independent assessment and assistance.


To overcome the limitations of previous archaeological predictive models in Central British Columbia, we developed research designs, analyses and recommendations for future changes and modifications, and a new archaeological predictive model that formalizes archaeological prediction for a wide variety of clients. The combined analysis and development of a web based application offers our clients the most efficient means of effective heritage management. The benefits of applying this new concept of predictive modeling to the forest planning process are significant and offer the only viable future alternative to past systems. These models are most effective when they are GIS based; however, we can provide web-based, data based or regional applications as well.

Some previous modelling projects include:

  • The creation of full-scale Archaeological Predictive Models for the Nadina, Prince George, Headwaters and Fort St. James Natural Resource Regions.
  • Archaeological overview and predictive model on 70,000 ha of crown land in the vicinity of Tatuk Lake in north-central British Columbia.
  • An archaeological Predictive Model to refine the internal operations of Norcan, as well as a database to maintain and analyse decades of cultural features and data collected during field operations.
  • An Archaeological Risk Framework tool for the City of Prince George
Norcan Consulting Ltd